Brooklin By The Numbers

Monday Nov 09th, 2020


If you've been paying attention to house prices in your area, you might not be surprised to know that prices are going up and inventory remains quite low. Basic supply and demand, right? Downtown Toronto condos used to be the hottest part of the market but sales are slowing down and prices are dropping. Prices in the suburbs are surging and the stats back that up.

Here are a few stats relating to real estate sales activity in Brooklin, Ontario for October 2020!

A total of 41 properties were sold - here is the breakdown in terms of selling price:

Under $600,000 - 4

$601,000 - $800,000 - 11

$801,000 - $1 Million - 16

Over $1 Million - 10

Average Sold Price - $945,650

Average Days-On-Market - 14

*one was a vacant property and not included in the averages above.


If you'd like to know what your neighbourhood looks like, let me know!


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