Keeping Your Home Secure

Thursday Sep 19th, 2019


Last night, my wife's friend's car got stolen right out of his driveway. His neighbour's car got stolen at the same time. His house has security cameras so let's hope they captured an image of the thief. That event prompted me to write this blog.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook (@fieldingrealestate) you might have noticed that I just bought a Ring Doorbell Camera. I bought it for a few reasons, not the least of which is an extra layer of security for my family and I.

It's simple to install and simple to use. I like the convenience of seeing who's at my door when someone rings the bell, I like being able to talk to them before I answer it, but I especially love the idea of it's functionality as a security camera.

Research shows that a doorbell camera is one of the best theft deterrants on the market today. It will record as soon as it detects motion, day or night (ours has great night vision), and you can download the recordings as needed. This feature costs a few bucks a month but it's well worth the extra money. Without this subscrition, you can still see who's at the door before answering and talk back and forth from anywhere you have your smartphone with you. As a bonus, it works with your existing Amazon Echo. Your Echo can function as the door chime and alert you when someone rings the bell, just like the app on your phone.

I should also mention, Ring or it's parent company Amazon is NOT paying me to write this - I just wanted to share my experience with you.

Ring is a very cost-effective solution if you're starting to think about home security. You can add external cameras and lights to your system as well.

As always, you can do a few things yourself to avoid break-ins:

- Don't leave valuables in plain view (that includes laptops, tablets and phones)

- Put car keys away when you get home

- If you buy a new TV or another expensive piece of technology that comes in a very conspicuous box, do your best to break up the cardbard on recycling day so it's not as recognizable. Anyone walking or driving by your home now knows you have a brand new expensive TV or MacBook inside.

- Keep track of any keys that you give out to your family members, dog walker, cleaning company etc. If any get lost, change your locks.

- If you have a coded deadbolt, change your code whenever you change your onlin banking or email password

- Use your outdoor lights and keep them on a timer if possible. Some timers can be programmed to turn lights on and off at semi-random times so it looks like someone is actually home. You might even want to consider putting a few inside lights on timers too.


Did I miss anything? Comment with some of your tips and tricks!

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