Paycheques and Poutine

Wednesday Jun 5th, 2019


A few weeks ago I was sitting on a VIA train, somewhere between Belleville and Cobourg, heading back to Durham Region from Montreal. My wife and I spent a few days there touring the sights, eating, drinking (more me than here) and trying to fit in as best we could as obvious anglophones. “Je m’excuse – je parle un p’tit peu de francais, mais je n’edute pas, uh, since, uh, l’ecole secondaire.” “That’s OK bro, you’re in... [read more]

Zoom Tips and Tricks

Sunday Mar 29th, 2020


I just wanted to share a few tips and tricks for using Zoom. I didn't come up with these, I only came across them and credit is given for each individual tip. Enjoy!   1. Keep meetings to 35 minutes or less “One thing I do, since we are a small startup and don’t pay for Zoom, is I started scheduling all my meetings to be 35 minutes long (there’s a 40-minute cap on meetings with the free version). It’s actually been quite productive, because it forces... [read more]



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