Goodbye Childhood

Wednesday Oct 16th, 2019


I had an appointment today i Scarborough and I found myself in the general vicinity of the Dad's Cookies factory on Progress. I knew I was close when I opened my car door and the smell of fresh cookies hit my like an oatmeal-chocolate-chip covered brick wall.

I knew I had to make a stop on my way home so I drove a few minutes out of my way.

We used to go there when I was a kid - mostly because my dad always had an issue paying full price for anything and there were often big bags of slightly irregular or even broken cookies for a few dollars. If we were really lucky, he'd bring them home with him after work.

I've been down there a few times in the last few years but I usually went to the Peek Freans outlet in East York because it was a little closer to where I used to live and work.

I pulled into the driveway and for some reason the big sign was gone. My heart skipped a beat. There was a notice on the door - oh no, my nightmare is about to come true.

The Dad's Cookie Factory outlet store was no more.

When I eventually came to, I read the small print on the notice that said the East York Peak Freans outlet was still open and had much more of a selection and better parking. There's something nostalgic about the O.G. Dad's outlet at Brimley and Progress. Bermondsey and O'Connor is about 15 minutes south-west but doesn't have the same magic.

The companies merged a number of years ago under the Mondelez brand. They always had a bit of a product overlap but you were always guaranteed fresh, broken and crumbly chocolate chip oatmeal cookies when you went right to the source. Peek Freans always had mint Oreo's - another weakness of mine.

Everyone OK? Good. Back to work.





Nancy Fielding Oct 16, 2019
This breaks my heart! Your grandparents went there weekly to get oatmeal cookies, and we all carried on the tradition. Peek Fans is a pain in the arse to get to, particularly with the LRT construction on Eglinton. I'm so sad!
Nancy fielding Oct 17, 2019
Bloody auto correct - Peek Freans! Is the whole factory closed, or just their little store?
John Fielding Oct 17, 2019
Nancy - it's just the outlet store that closed. The factory is still going strong and apparently is expanding into the former retail space. The Peek Freans factory store on Bermondsey is still there and I believe they even recently expanded that factory as well. It's all under the same ownership.

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